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We've done the Research and Picked the Best Partners

Pine Cove Consulting has learned a lot since its inception in 1993. Having evolved with technology, and worked with dozens of partners, Pine Cove understands what partners provide best-in-industry technology solutions to accelerate your organization in a reliable and secure way. Click on a drop-down below to view our partners.


Sophos Platinum Partner 

Sophos' suite of cybersecurity solutions including network, cloud, and endpoint protection, secures Pine Cove Consulting and its clients. Pine Cove Consulting has earned Sophos' highest partner designation, as a platinum partner, based on its certifications and quantity of solutions it provides. This designation grants Pine Cove Consulting, and its clients, best pricing. Pine Cove Consulting was named Sophos' Complete Security Partner of the Year in 2016 and named Sophos' Synchronized Security Partner of the Quarter for Q2 of 2017. 


Palo Alto Gold Partner 

Our partnership with Palo Alto Networks reinforces Pine Cove Consulting's promise to deliver top-tier cybersecurity solutions. Palo Alto is heralded for its Next-Generation Firewalls, cloud security services, and superior threat intelligence. By weaving these technologies into our offerings, we provide enhanced, cutting-edge protection. As a recognized gold partner, we ensure our clients benefit from the latest and most effective Palo Alto innovations, safeguarding their digital infrastructures against evolving challenges. 


Adlumin Authorized Reseller 

Specializing in the financial sector demands precision, vigilance, and specialized tools. This is why Pine Cove Consulting has chosen to partner with Adlumin. Their expertise in security and compliance automation offers our financial clients unparalleled real-time visibility, threat detection, and system health insights. Our platinum partner status with Adlumin showcases our dedication to delivering industry-specific security solutions, ensuring your financial operations remain secure and compliant.


Bitdefender Gold Partner 

At Pine Cove Consulting, we are committed to offering our clients the best in cybersecurity. That's why we've partnered with Bitdefender. Recognized for its unparalleled threat intelligence, advanced anti-malware protection, and robust endpoint security, Bitdefender's suite is integrated into our services. This ensures real-time data protection and consistent monitoring of network traffic. As a proud gold partner, we bring Bitdefender's world-class protection directly to you, defending your assets from emerging cyber threats. 

Physical Security

Verkada Preferred Partner 

In the realm of modern security and surveillance, Verkada stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. At Pine Cove Consulting, we prioritize our clients' comprehensive security needs, leading us to cultivate a close partnership with Verkada. Their state-of-the-art surveillance systems, combined with intelligent analytics and cloud-based capabilities, redefine how businesses monitor and secure their premises. As a preferred partner of Verkada, we are uniquely positioned to implement and optimize their groundbreaking solutions for our clients, ensuring real-time insights, scalability, and robust protection. Trust Pine Cove Consulting to bring the future of surveillance technology to your doorstep through our esteemed association with Verkada.

Network Infrastructure & Endpoints

Ruckus Elite Partner 

Pine Cove Consulting recognizes the critical role of stable and high-speed connectivity in driving business growth and efficiency. This understanding has led us to partner with Ruckus Commscope, a vanguard in the realm of wireless solutions and network infrastructure. Known for their high-performance networks, Ruckus Commscope excels in creating robust, scalable, and seamless wireless experiences. As a privileged partner, Pine Cove Consulting integrates Ruckus Commscope's advanced networking technologies into our solutions. This collaboration ensures our clients receive best-in-class connectivity, facilitating smooth digital operations and fostering a connected business environment. With Pine Cove Consulting and Ruckus Commscope, you're not just connected; you're empowered.


Auvik Authorized Reseller

Auvik provides deep visibility into how your network is connected and configured, how the network is performing, and all traffic that flows across the network, so you can be confident knowing you can quickly troubleshoot any issues. Pine Cove Consulting is an authorized reseller of Auvik products. 


HP Authorized Reseller

Pine Cove Consulting partners with HP to offer HP's servers and endpoints to its clients. Pine Cove Consulting is an authorized reseller of HP products.


Lenovo Authorized Reseller

Pine Cove Consulting partners with Lenovo to offer Lenovo's servers and endpoints to its clients. Pine Cove Consulting is an authorized reseller of Lenovo products. 

Unified Communication

Microsoft Authorized Reseller

Pine Cove Consulting partners with Microsoft to offer Microsoft's suite of communication and productivity solutions to its clients. Pine Cove Consulting is an authorized reseller of Microsoft products. 


Newline Direct Dealer

Pine Cove Consulting partners with Newline to offer its range of interactive touchscreen solutions for education and corporate environments. 


Lifesize Authorized Reseller

Lifesize is the world's first global 4k video conferencing solution. Rated best-in-class for video, audio, and content-sharing clarity, Lifesize helps teams present their business in the best light. Pine Cove Consulting is an authorized reseller of Lifesize products.


Zulty's Authorized Reseller

Despite the market’s slow adoption of SIP, the vision for Zultys to create and deliver a truly innovative IP Communications System burned brightly. The company continued to grow while massive investments into research and development drove a singular focus to design and build the best, most reliable, innovative, and efficient IP PBX available to small and medium-sized businesses. Pine Cove Consulting is an authorized reseller of Zultys products.

Student Safety

Securly Silver Partner

Securly is the end-to-end student safety and device management platform for K-12. Securly’s 360º approach keeps students safe, secure, and productive—every hour, every device, everywhere. Pine Cove Consulting is an authorized reseller of Securly products. 

Password & MFA Management

1Password Authorized Reseller

Effective password management is pivotal in maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture. Recognizing this, Pine Cove Consulting is proud to partner with 1Password, a leader in password management solutions. 1Password's unique vault system, combined with their end-to-end encryption, ensures that your credentials remain confidential and protected. By integrating 1Password's capabilities into our services, we provide our clients with an added layer of security, ensuring that password-related vulnerabilities are mitigated. Trust in Pine Cove Consulting to keep your access points as secure as possible through our collaboration with 1Password. 


DUO Authorized Reseller

At Pine Cove Consulting, we understand the necessity of secure access in today's interconnected world. That's why we've forged a strategic partnership with DUO. Renowned for its streamlined two-factor authentication and secure single sign-on solutions, DUO ensures that only authorized users can access your critical systems. Our collaboration enables us to embed DUO's advanced access security protocols into our service suite. As a trusted partner, we bring the strength of DUO's access security to safeguard your digital touchpoints, ensuring seamless yet secure connectivity for your team. 

Backup and Recovery

Eaton Certified Reseller

Pine Cove Consulting partners with Eaton to offer Eaton's industry-leading power solutions to its clients. Pine Cove Consulting is a certified reseller of Eaton products. 

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